Generation Y – Are you on your way to success?

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To those who are still in the making of their own future;
I feel like I’m obligated to aim towards people around my own
age since we’re in the same situation. I want to create a life
that I won’t feel the need to take a vacation from.

I don’t want to have someone else bossing me around, telling me
what to do and when to do it. I want to be in control of my life
and design it so it suits me.

Do you really want to spend 40 hours per week working with
something that only makes someone else successful?

Doing something you know won’t lead to promotion to the level
where you can cut down on the hours you work and still earn a
comfortable salary each moth? In a traditional company or workplace,
it’s nearly impossible to ever get an opportunity like that.

But if you were to become your own boss, take charge of your own
destiny have fun while doing it, you can become as successful as
you want without having to work for people you don’t necessarily
respect, at a job you don’t necessarily like.

To be able to be an entrepreneur, you have to be motivated; you have
to have your WHY. All of those things that you dream about doing or
having, write them down, post them on your walls, strive towards them
and you’ll see how fast you can get results. If you want something bad
enough, you are most likely going to get it.

By being a positive person, you won’t just attract people, you will
also change their attitude. There are very few people that can manage
to be unpleasant towards someone who is genuinely nice and super
happy, have you ever thought about that?

And what about when you pass someone on the street and they have a
huge smile on their face, doesn’t that make you feel something?
For me, I get a feeling of joy, just knowing, whoever they are,
have something in their lives that brings them so much happiness.

It’s like a cheerleading squad inside of me rooting for the
happiness of others. I believe that you can only be truly
happy in your own life, if you can also be truly happy for,
and take joy in, the lives of others.

So, be your own boss, be positive, have your strong WHY and
make other people happy by being who you want to be.

Hannie Brithén


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