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1. Find something that you know will make a difference in your life. Plan, educate yourself and always keep going!

2. Started the day off with a workout filled with squats, lunges etc. Ended the workout with a long stretch session and a headstand. My body is definitely going to hurt tomorrow.. [...]Continue reading

Dietary Supplement


Go on to my mothers website to learn more about how my immune system has gotten stronger and stronger these past couple of weeks because of the supplements that I am taking. I hope that you’re all avoiding the flu this coming season and that you have your health with you!

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When you go through a city, walk past people you don’t know and see things that make you cringe inside, how do you feel? Do you think about that you’d like to be able to make a change, not only for yourself but also for your community?

I want to work towards a better future [...]Continue reading

Do you want to help those in need?

If you haven’t been visiting my website this week, I bet you’ve missed the video that I uploaded here to the right a few days ago.

If you are interested in charity and helping those who can’t help themselves – listen. If you find this interesting and you want more information on how you can [...]Continue reading

Do you know what you’re eating?

Who would ever think that the products that are bought by millions of people everyday are actually harming our health? How vicious is it for the producers to put ingredients in our food that has been artificially made and makes our bodies confused?

If you take a minute on each product you’re about to buy [...]Continue reading

Learn by those who has already done it.

This is a video with Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese which are all successful people. In this clip, they discuss why some people reach their goals and get the success that they want and why people fail.

”What is the holy grail between somebody taking action or not? One word: Certainty.”

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I saw this quote today that made me think;


This made sense to me in so many ways and I started to think about different scenarios that I’ve been in this past year. When Mom and I had been on a business-trip to Barcelona this spring, our flight was delayed so we [...]Continue reading

5 Quotes from Dr. Phil

I found some interesting quotes from Dr. Phil on Oprah’s website yesterday and I thought that I would share them and my thoughts about them with you;

“People that are successful are able to see what success is. They are able to define it in their mind’s eye.” – Dr. Phil

People that has [...]Continue reading