Your story

Imagine being 95 years old and telling your great grandkids your story, about the history that you made during your lifetime. What will you have accomplished? What goals will you have reached?

Do you have any idea of the potential you have within yourself? I posted a picture on IG last night that said;

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I follow this girl on Instagram and she posted a picture that had these words on it with the following caption;

”Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.”

And I’ll say, well put. Do the people around you pick [...]Continue reading

Give as much as you can

It’s very common for people wanting to help those in need. A great example of that is this bracelet that a lot of people here in Sweden are wearing at the moment: ”Fuck Cancer”

It comes from an organization called ”Ung Cancer”*/”Young Cancer” which recently added other accessories and also clothes to their collection. [...]Continue reading

Some times, you just don’t want your mom to recycle things.

Visiting my brother

Watch the videos in HD quality for a better view!


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Education about being happy and healthy.

After I watched this video of this 13 year old boy, I was stunned… He said all of those things that most people are too afraid of even thinking.

He brings up the important part of doing what you love and how much of an impact that can have on how much you learn.

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