I know that I haven’t written anything in a while and in many ways, I find that wonderful. That’s just because I’ve done so much writing for myself these past couple of weeks and I’m so glad that I’ve found that inspiration again, the one that makes my pen flow over the paper, putting [...]Continue reading

Carpe Diem… ?

- Think about a typical day for you. We all have different situations and go through different scenarios each day but this might be something to think about for you too.

I started to think about something that my sociology teacher said yesterday;

“For those of you who take the train back and forth to [...]Continue reading

5/2 – We, You and I

We were taught in class that we don’t have an identity when we are born. This is something that we develop through playing with others and the social interactions we have during our life.

Think about the last time you hung out with one of your friends or when you met a new person and [...]Continue reading