5 Quotes from Dr. Phil

I found some interesting quotes from Dr. Phil on Oprah’s website
yesterday and I thought that I would share them and my thoughts
about them with you;

“People that are successful are able to see what success is.
They are able to define it in their mind’s eye.” – Dr. Phil

People that has reached a point in their life when what they do has made
them truly successful, they also know what it took for them to get there.

It’s not just a straight line from A to B where you start out with nothing
and then it’s a breeze until you’re rich. You go through the struggles, the
doubts, the negativity from other people, you learn, you grow and your
mind evolves on your path to success.

You will face challenges, you will fail at things, but those who are successful
today are those who had the patience and endurance to stay with it and fight.
They have worked so hard, for themselves and for others around them.
They have a winning mindset where no one can tell them that they won’t make it.

They know that they will put in the effort;
they will do what it takes and take time to their work.
They Will Be Successful.

“Winners do things losers don’t want to do. Winners are willing to
take a risk – they’re not reckless, but they’re willing to take a risk.
And the biggest risk of all is admitting that what you have is not
what you want.” – Dr. Phil

Decide for yourself that you are not willing to settle. Aim high, take the
risks, put yourself out there and you’ll see that things will change.

“The defining characteristic of every successful
person I’ve seen: 
They have passion.” – Dr. Phil

This just strengthens my point with dreaming big; if you have big dreams
and goals, something to look forward to, it will create this kind of passion
inside of you that you didn’t even know you had. So sit down and allow your
mind to wander, find where your passion is and thrive towards what you want!

“The universe rewards action. Successful people take action towards a known
outcome. You can’t think about it. You have to do it – and you don’t do it for a
week or a month. You do it until. Until you get what you want.” – Dr.Phil

This is something that life has proven to me these last couple of months. What
you aim towards, what you think about, what you want comes to you if you
want it bad enough. If you believe enough in yourself and what you do, you will

If you think you sink, so don’t over analyze stuff, you do it – work your
ass off! Work until you reach your goals and do it now!

“People that are successful have a strategy from getting where they are to that
success. The difference between goals and dreams is a timeline. “Someday” is
not a day of the week. You have to work for what you want; not for what you
don’t want – and I mean every day.” – Dr. Phil

This is so true and extremely important If you don’t know where you want this
to take you, if you don’t know why you work, you will never make it. Successful
people always preach about how important it is with a plan.

Plans and goals are a huge part of my life. Every hour of every day, I think about
how my life will be in 5 years and then how it will be in 10 years.

Where do I want to live, how do I want to live, what kind of car do I want to have etc.
And with my business, I have a clear goal that I know that I will reach.
I know that it will take time and commitment, but it will all be worth it in the end.
For each day that I work, I grow as a person and I can tell on the people that are
involved in this that are around me that they grow too.

If you would compare me to how I was two months ago – I am a different person.
My mindset is so totally changed, my work habits have changed, my way of living
has changed and I love that. All of the things that I do have a purpose and I do it
with the intent of this action taking me closer to my goal.

I’m not doing research and take the time to write these posts just for you who are
reading them, I do it for myself too. With every new post, with every new knowledge
that I stumble upon, I realize and learn things.

Is your path on the right track to reach the success you dream of?

source; tumblr.com

source; tumblr.com

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