5/2 – We, You and I

We were taught in class that we don’t have an identity when
we are born. This is something that we develop through playing
with others and the social interactions we have during our life.

Think about the last time you hung out with one of your friends
or when you met a new person and you were stunned over the
fact that you felt so different afterwards. That your brain had
found a new perspective and you suddenly realized something
that you’ve been thinking about for a long, long time..

When was that?

This happened to me only a few weeks ago. I met this new person
who asked so many questions and really wanted to get to know
me and all of my little quirks and it worked. I don’t think that I’ve
ever even discussed some of these things nevertheless to a
somewhat stranger.

I think that we are, somehow, put in situations where we meet these
people that turns on a light inside that you never knew was there.

It might be someone you’ll never see again, the start of a new
friendship or an exciting relationship which allow you to not
only get to know them better, but also get to know yourself on a
level you never knew could exist.

Have you ever thought about how interesting it can be to learn about
someone’s thought-process or feelings when it comes to cooking,
reading, interacting with one’s family etc? The small things are what
make us interesting, that separates us from the crowd and we will
never be able to appreciate these things within other people and they
won’t be able to see that part of you if you’re not open for it.

See people as you would see a new city that you’re about to explore.
What are the best spots to hang out at, the best food and where’s
the most beautiful view? What are someone’s obsessions, fantasies,
favorite movie or book (which says a lot about people) and what
place in the world do they feel the most at home?

Ask questions and you’ll be surprised by what
you find and learn along the way.



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