Hi, I am so glad you’re here. I am Hannie, welcome to my blog!

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Throughout my childhood, my mother worked full time in IT. Her work
was really stressful and frequently kept her late at the office, only to have
to come home to take care of me and my two brothers. She loved being
with us, of course, and she always, managed to get us to sports practice
ever week somehow-­‐-­‐even though we each played different sports!

My dad works in sports so he travels a lot, you can read more about how
my mother copes with that on her website -> BarbroBrithen.

Now, my mom has a smile on her face every single day and I get to be there
with her since we work with each other. She has inspired me so much and I
want to be a super mommy and have time for my kids and my spouse when
the time comes for that.

I am 22 years old and I am my own boss. How does that sound?
As my own boss, I know I wont get any work done, unless I can motivate myself.
But I have a clear vision of my dreams and aspirations, and believe me, there
are plenty of motivation to work hard each and every day to realize them.

I am currently studying at a Musical-theatre school in the south of Sweden and
I’ve been here for almost a year and then my adventures will travel to Gothenburg.

In 2011 to 2012, I was in the US for a year as an exchange student.
I lived in Nixa, MO and did my senior year of high school there.
It was an amazing experience and if you’d like to know more about that, you can
either find information about it in my posts or you can just email me.

I am the youngest of three kids, the only daughter. Throughout my childhood, we
have moved a number of times around Sweden because of my fathers coaching jobs.
Having to move like that from a very young age to being around ten years old
was only positive for me.

I love seeing and experiencing new places and when my father’s work took him to
places like London, Austria, Ukraine, or Denmark (to name a few), it was a delight
to go
and visit him all over Europe.

Right now, my life revolves around being healthy, working out, learning, dreaming,
working, socializing with my friends, and having a good time.


I do this to be able to have the future I want for myself. I want to go places,
learn new things, experience different cultures, buy my dream home,
and enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. I not only want this for myself,
but for my loved ones and my future children.

When I have kids, I want them to have the opportunities to travel and go to the best schools in whatever country, meet people, learn languages and getting the chance to do all of these things while their mother has time for them.

The bottom line is, I do this to be independent, have time for what I want to do with
the people I love.

It takes lots of dedication, hard work, determination and especially time. But I am happy to commit myself to these things in order to achieve independence, and have time for what I want to do with the people I love.

I have done my homework. And I have found the right mentors. Now I’m following in the footsteps of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who are guiding me through the ”mine field” of marketing my business online.

And I want to share everything I learn from them with you. So that if you have big dreams and life goals like I do, you can achieve them and be as fulfilled as I am!


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Hannie Brithén