About setting goals

source; tumblr

source; tumblr

While going in a new direction to accomplish something you’ve
never done before, the goal setting is the main thing to start out with.

Find what makes you motivated;

Maybe it’s by making a ‘Dreamboard’
Finding a canvas and print pictures of where you want to be or what you want to look like. (depending on if your goals are career-oriented, fitness-oriented or an all-around lifestyle goal)

It can be telling everyone in your inner circle what you
want to achieve - 
This act can be crucial for you if you’ve set high goals and you have your bad days where you think about quitting, you’re not just accountable to yourself and your own
thoughts about “how you gave up” – you also have some explaining to do
or “excuses” to make up to those who you let in on your quest for greatness.

Also, this is a recommendation for when you need the support. On your
bad days, it’d be great to have someone or some people that you can call
that will understand and push you toward the right path again.

Set both small/short-term goals and big/long-term goals with ‘prices’
By doing so, you always have a teaser not too far away as well as a big
reward when you achieve what you wanted in the long run.

source; tumblr

source; tumblr

- When setting goals, you have to be realistic but at the same time erase your
limitations and let your brain dream away to things that you never thought
that you’d be capable of doing or accomplishing.

- You need to be able to find your motivation within yourself. People and things
can inspire you, but if you haven’t truly made up your mind and created a mindset
for yourself that will make you thrive each day towards that golden price, you won’t succeed.

- By any means possible, train your mind into being your best teammate. Without it, you’ll
be lost. Do something each day that’ll keep you on track and write things down, talk to
people, be innovative and try your best every single day.

But most importantly – START.

source; tumblr

source; tumblr

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