No more false eyelashes!

I have never really found THAT mascara that I truly worship like
some of my friends who has had the same one for years, until now!

My eyelashes are usually pretty soft and I always curl them beforehand
to give them a chance to even be seen but the mascaras I’ve tried so far
end up making them straight again, no matter how many times I curl them..

But now I curl them before, apply my mascara, finish the rest of my makeup
and when they’ve dried quite a bit, I curl them again and this is the result!

I always wore false eyelashes when performing or going out but with this,
I wont go to the false ones unless I want something out of this world, haha!

Contact me for more information or if you also want to try this mascara!
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H & L Smile Happy L & H1 Mami!






Oh wow… There you go people. 3rd graders are often smarter
than we are. Make sure to water your ”plants” every single day.
And support one another.
Watch this youtube video:

Seeing it everywhere

Have you ever heard someone say something like:
”Now that I’ve decided to buy a Volvo, I see Volvos everywhere!”

That’s how it’s been for me for the past couple of days and especially these few hours
that has passed since I came to Sweden earlier today.

All weekend, I hung out with the most inspiring people from different countries, successful
from working hard, without a boss, doing it for their own goals and dreams. They all had
this glow of happiness and at the same time were extremely humble.

Yes, they’ve achieved great things. Been able to do so much for their families and themselves
that they never thought they could before being invited into this business. Each and every one
stood up on that stage, thanking their partners. Those who introduced them to this way of living,
those who helped during their struggles and those who helped expanding their businesses worldwide.

One woman (Swedish) stood up there and showed us how her business looked on the map some
years ago. It existed in two countries. Then the next slide showed that it had spread to probably
more than 40 countries around the globe by now. You can conquer America, Europe, Asia, Africa,
you name it. Set goals and work in teams. TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

So I see happy people everywhere. They make me curious – would they be a good fit
for this business? Would I want to work with them? Do they have the willpower,
are they coachable? It all comes down to them.

Some people can’t see themselves as entrepreneurs, and some people are too afraid of
being outside of their comfort zone. To say no to something that can bring you, time,
money and freedom, makes me sad for those who do.

But not everyone can do it because if it was easy, everyone would.



It’s what we always talk about. How it flies by, when we don’t have it, what we
do with it and how things change along with it.

It’s already November, fall has come and winter is slowly approaching with the
cooler degrees, fluffier sweaters and lit candles. Spring came and went, summer
definitely left a mark and flew by even though it was filled with activities and it
ended by school starting in August.

dancing    dans    robins trad

We are in our show-period at school, we’ve had our premiere and three other shows
with still two left. Three months almost feel like weeks. We’re constantly in our little
bubble here with nothing else to focus on. This was the subject that we discussed in
our Drama class this week. How we see this whole process and what we do with it.
How we see our transformation and progress here at Musikteaterskolan
(music/theatre-school) in Bjärnum.

klassen    mitt skåp    dansa

I have learned that goals and lists are excellent to have since they are excellent to lead
you to your finish line. I also know that we always have to bare in mind that things
are going to change along the way and we can’t be afraid of the outcome, it might just
be better than expected.

I had so many things that I wanted to do during my year here and I can be honest
enough to admit that I haven’t followed my plan since I had no idea that my life would
be like this. But I have exceeded my expectations and evolved and learned more than
I could’ve ever imagined.

selff    enjoy    daansa

But can you guess what makes me even more excited? That I still have six more
months here before it’s time for another adventure. A lot can happen during one
week here. So after months of focusing on what you love the most has to be the
most giving thing you can do.

I was inspired to write about this after accidentally looking through folders of
pictures from this summer. Realization after realization came over me.
A lot has happened this year.

sommarr    midsummer    sommar

I’ve taken a class in Sociology at Lunds University, I spent a lot of time with my
friends, going places, meeting new people and discovering new environments both
here in Sweden, the US and within us. I went to the US to visit my friends and family
from my exchange year, I became a vegetarian and started to try to exclude animal
products as much as possible in my diet and I enjoyed being who I am with the
people I love the most.

LO and Iflyg     jessi and i

Then I came here. My school, my life, my joy and pride.
I am learning so much about my vocal chords, singing technique, how I can be a
better dancer and performer etcetera etcetera. What is there not to love?!

my class    Robin and I    mysen

The biggest issue that people might have when it comes to time is that they don’t take
it to sit down and admire themselves and the world around them. We should all reflect
on how things are changing us, how we’re becoming better, what things has the best
impact on us and what are the things that we should give our main focus to?

I only write when I’m inspired, when something flips a switch in my head and ignites
the flame, which transfers into words on a screen. Most of the time when I do this, it’s
like writing a journal and, sorry to say, not for the public eye. But this is a moment
where I have thoughts to share and I am actually positive that it has to do with the fact
that we had rehearsals and shows day after day and then we had a day off which gave
me time to let go of everything for a little bit.

green goodness    Musikteaterskolan    daansa

Today we only had drama and we also had time to practice on whatever we felt like we
needed, so I’ve meditated, done some yoga and had a long conversations on a couch in
school with one of my best friends here.

So my mind is free to put things in perspective and understand what I am actually doing
and what I have accomplished this past year. I’ve grown so much since I came back from
the US 2 ½ years ago. I’ve experienced so much, learned new things and loved the process.

Wow, now I just can’t stop. Haha, this became a fuzzy post but I am loving how my head
feels right this second. I hope that you’re doing something today that makes your head
clearer and fills your body with passion and burning desires or whatever you may need.

“Remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine”
– Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Dont count the days make it countself

The mind is an extraordinary thing.

Where do you look to find inspiration? I haven’t found any in a
while when it comes to writing posts for the public eye. The words that
I’ve scribbled down these past couple of weeks, months, are in notebooks
all over my room. My brain has been like a blank canvas with abstract art,
colors being splattered all over the place. I’ve experienced so many new
things, seen the world from several different perspectives and such kind
souls has crossed my path.

This is what life is all about though – living in the moment, not on social
media. To focus on the things that are happening Now and not on things
that are happening across the world was so healthy for me. We tend to get
caught up in this virtual world of pictures and words on a screen without
true emotions and connections.

I always encourage people to dream big and visualize what they want for
themselves in the future for them to be able to aim for those goals and
work hard towards them but it doesn’t mean that you should get stuck
in that world of made up scenarios.

We should make sure that they also happen for us right now.

Lottie and I Spain Show Mom and I Lucas and I Kara and I

In my beliefs, people are the most important thing around and we should
cherish one another and the relationships we get to have with such great
minds. Because we all have one, no one is exactly the same as someone else.

While staring into someones eyes, you might have the same type of
thought but they could also be so very different. Other human being’s
brains interprets things in another way than yours do, we react differently
and we feel differently. That’s why it is such a great lesson, each and every
day where we are in contact with other people.

Long, deep conversations about how we feel about the moonlit night, the
sky filled with stars, and the sand between our toes are discussions that I
think are healthy for us. As well as opinions on society, religion, relationships
and how we treat the world. These things are too often overlooked and forgotten
about since a lot of people think more about the materialistic things than the
people making them, or the people you enjoy these things with.

This quote has been stuck in my brain since I saw it the first time
and I came across it again not too long ago:

“People were created to be loved, things were created to be used.
The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being
loved and people are being used.”

This is also the reason why I work with the things I do, I get to help people.
I get to help them be healthier, more aware, and also help them be financially
independent while doing the same things. I teach to teach and I, myself,
never stop learning either. I want to devote a big part of my life to this and to
do charitywork, travel and learn more about other cultures and religions to
broaden my spectra of how I see things and to be even more open minded.

Respect, curiousity and honesty are all important to drive this world in the right direction.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. You are all important and if you want,
you can work with things that doesn’t just help you, it also helps other people.

If you have any questions can be sent to me through email
and my contact information can be found here on my website.
Have a glorious day everyone, because you deserve it.


Make a decision
I know that I haven’t written anything in a while and in many ways,
I find that wonderful. That’s just because I’ve done so much writing
for myself these past couple of weeks and I’m so glad that I’ve found
that inspiration again, the one that makes my pen flow over the paper,
putting my thoughts into words on a page. But at the same time, while
I experience new things, meet new people and see new places that gives
me new perspectives on life each and every day, maybe you don’t.

Since I’ve been overflowing with new energy and positivity, asked
myself new questions about life and just been really happy, I’ve
assumed that other people have it like this too.

But I know for a fact that that’s not true. There are so many people that
go through each day feeling negative about their lifestyle and maybe I
could help to inspire you or them to change one, only one, thing that
can change their outlook on their life.

Even if that’s not the case, I see no harm in trying. I saw a quote the
other day “Never live the same day twice, life is too short.” And it hit
me, since a lot of people are in this wheel that only goes round and round
and never takes them anywhere, they might not look at the sun the way
I do, or appreciate the laughter’s and smiles of other people.

One of my dear friends told me something that she had learned;
“If you are in a negative state of mind, it’s easy to focus on the bad things
that are 
happening to you and if anything good would happen – you barely
notice it because you are sure that everything will crash again.

But then again, if you are in a positive state of mind, you see all of the
good everywhere and one little bad thing is just that, little. You don’t
care about something negative because you’re in such a good mood
that nothing that ruin that for you.”


I am so positive about my future and I am anxious to see what the
universe throws my way, but I am also here, present Today. I’m not in a
rush towards something in the future and forget to live today. If you woke
up today, congratulations! Are you breathing, able to see and hear? Fantastic!

Yesterday, I was hyped and overly energetic and you want to know why?

The day before, I had skyped with my “sister” in America for more than two
hours and I am so happy and thankful that she’s a part of my life and that
fate put us two together and that goes for all of my other good friends over
in Nixa too. We discussed the things we were going to do when I come to
visit this summer and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day yesterday.

Also, I had my leather jacket on, sunglasses and good music in my ears.
My good friend and classmate Anna came on to the train and was just as
exited as I was. The sun was out, we were laughing as usual, just finding
humor in everything. I love our outbursts and it’s just one more thing that
makes me look forward to spend time on the train each day.

The way this tree moves outside my window while I’m typing this, the way
the sun shines through the window as it breaks through the clouds while
I’m doing my yoga, the way the bunnies jump around in the forest each time
I drive from my house and the energy in the air.

How many things do you notice each day that makes you thankful for your life?

I’m thankful for my situation, my family, my friends, my health and the endless
conversations I have in my head that makes me grow more and more each day.

Create a life that you don’t want to take a vacation from and
yourself with people that only lifts you higher.

I had no idea what I was going to write about when I sat down with this but
here you go – my thoughts, honest and simple, the words just come to me and
I can’t stop writing.. But I have to. Maybe. Or do I? It’ll be too long? Okay..
Fine.. Haha, I hope that you have a great week, month, spring and future!



Carpe Diem… ?

-       Think about a typical day for you. We all have different situations
and go through different scenarios each day but this might be something
to think about for you too.

I started to think about something that my sociology teacher said yesterday;

“For those of you who take the train back and forth to school, you might
meet/pass and see more than 10 000 people within only an hour. How
many of those people do you say hi to? How many people do you interact with?

For most of you, it’s most likely not a single person. But I bet that almost
each and every one of you send and/or receive a text message and that text
is probably not even that stimulating, it could be something so simple and
uninteresting as; “I’m on the train – I’m bored..” which is basically just
saying “entertain me”.

So we think that this is ‘easier’ than to interact and search for that
connection with someone sitting right next to you on the train.

As far as I know, we Swedes are most likely to even feel irritation and be
very dissatisfied if someone actually tries to talk to us. Because what we
are doing is “soooo important” (?!). Like listening to music, reading a book,
writing something etc etc.

I understand that if you’re in the moment and you’re caught on some kind
of “inspirational wave” that you just have to scribble it down, you have my
respect and if you have things as homework or a job-related thing to do.
But to turn down a social interaction and mental stimulation to sit in your
own bubble which is safe, doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t demand any
special energy or doing anything with your brain..

Seriously? How many hours/minutes do you spend socializing on your
phone or computer each day instead of actually picking up the phone to
set an appointment for real social interaction?

We separate ourselves from people more and more with each year that
passes by because we stop talking. The challenges, the variety of perspective
and different views on life is something that we miss out on if we don’t make
sure to create these connections on a deeper level.

Most things nowadays are shallow and we can’t seem to get truly personal.
How many people out there hide behind their phones or computer and
connect with people over social medias to get attention, love and maybe
even sex? What ever happened to meeting someone and feel as if you‘re
caught in a whirlwind of new emotions and the feeling of interest,
curiosity and respect towards someone?

A great example of this is texting vs real life conversations. For someone to
be super forward, social and talkative while sitting behind a screen and then
be as shy and quiet as a mouse when you meet in real life is not something
that’s uncommon in today’s society.

I think that most shy people wouldn’t be as shy if they actually had to go out
and interact, step out of their comfort-zone and realize that people can like
them for who they are, not for someone they portrait themselves to be.

Take sexting as an example, this happens all over the world and in many
of these situations – people are Not who they are pretending to be. A picture
of someone’s body is not always what it looks like in real life. A picture can
be extremely deceiving with the right light, angle, flexing of muscles etc.
And an explanation of what someone would “like to do to you” might as
well also be very different from how it would play out in real life.

We put irrelevant expectations upon ourselves and the other person by
revealing things that should really only be shown and explored together,
physically in action with one another. Do yourself a favor and don’t give
it All away. At least be a little more teasing than revealing, but if you want
to go all in, go all in. Each to their own, this is just my opinion and I can’t
nor shall judge someone else, this is only what I feel.

In my opinion, what makes life worth living are the relationships that you
build and the love and affection you give and receive. Don’t hide and alienate
yourself from society. Create connections. Get to know new people or make
sure that you really know your best friend. Ask questions, be interested, get
involved in helping others and do the things that challenge you the most
which puts you outside of your comfort-zone.

You won’t, as so many people like to call it, “find yourself” by sitting alone.
You get to know yourself by learning how you react to things, relationships,
other people and experiences. Explore the people you have around you, explore yourself.




5/2 – We, You and I

We were taught in class that we don’t have an identity when
we are born. This is something that we develop through playing
with others and the social interactions we have during our life.

Think about the last time you hung out with one of your friends
or when you met a new person and you were stunned over the
fact that you felt so different afterwards. That your brain had
found a new perspective and you suddenly realized something
that you’ve been thinking about for a long, long time..

When was that?

This happened to me only a few weeks ago. I met this new person
who asked so many questions and really wanted to get to know
me and all of my little quirks and it worked. I don’t think that I’ve
ever even discussed some of these things nevertheless to a
somewhat stranger.

I think that we are, somehow, put in situations where we meet these
people that turns on a light inside that you never knew was there.

It might be someone you’ll never see again, the start of a new
friendship or an exciting relationship which allow you to not
only get to know them better, but also get to know yourself on a
level you never knew could exist.

Have you ever thought about how interesting it can be to learn about
someone’s thought-process or feelings when it comes to cooking,
reading, interacting with one’s family etc? The small things are what
make us interesting, that separates us from the crowd and we will
never be able to appreciate these things within other people and they
won’t be able to see that part of you if you’re not open for it.

See people as you would see a new city that you’re about to explore.
What are the best spots to hang out at, the best food and where’s
the most beautiful view? What are someone’s obsessions, fantasies,
favorite movie or book (which says a lot about people) and what
place in the world do they feel the most at home?

Ask questions and you’ll be surprised by what
you find and learn along the way.



Updates – Ultimate Focus Challenge

Even though I’m only on the final days of my third week
and have a long way to go* I am feeling better than I have in
a long time! I feel so pleased with the progress I can see in
my mirror and I love the focus my supplements are giving me.

I love creating and mixing together small new things for my
afternoon snack to make it full of protein and I look forward
to each meal even if I eat the same thing** for breakfast,
snack and lunch each and every day.

From my Instagram;
One glass containing a protein/coffee-smoothie made of;
Quark, Milk, Cacao, Chocolate protein powder and coffee.

One smaller glass containing sugar-free natural yogurt,
cottage cheese, coconut sprinkles and vanilla-powder.

So delicious! Couldn’t eat them both though, I was way too
full. But both are a great snack filled with protein, healthy
fats and a party for your tastebuds!

* I haven’t mentioned this but I’m doing this ‘challenge’
for 12 weeks, creating sustainable and good habits.


  • Breakfast = Quark with protein powder,
    different flavors each day.
  • Snack = One boiled egg, super easy to
    bring and eat on the train on my way to school.
  • Lunch = My protein-bar, perfect to eat
    on my way home from school.

I got a call from my doctor this Tuesday where he cleared
me and said that my test results were perfect and that I can
slowly get back to working out.

So this week has been filled with;

  • Dance classes – left me with sore abs, chest,
    legs and butt each time, awesome!
  • Several sessions of jump rope – which is great
    for my heart and lungs as well as my whole body,
    not to mention my shoulders and arms!
  • Yoga – I love it when I can feel how much progress
    I get on my flexibility!
  • Different weight-exercises – mostly focusing on my behind.

jump rope jump rope marks

And of course; amazing and healthy food!

I’ve also had some extremely interesting and inspirational days
and nights this week and I’m looking forward to another one
tonight with my girls. Some of them are also doing this challenge
and they’ve gotten amazing results!

Looking forward to be done with next week because by that time,
it’s time for another weigh-in and measuring myself again.