Books – the source of knowledge

I don’t know about you, but I love books. They are my way
escaping the world for a while and travel in my own.

Depending on what kind of book I read, I always learn different
things while I go through it. It can be a saying that makes me stop
to think for a while, or something someone experience which might
make me cringe or smile. I get to know myself by reading and reacting
to other peoples stories.



- I love old things, they have a long history behind them and since they
cannot speak, we will never know what they’ve been through. 
But in
books, the words within it’s covers are still the same, it’s fascinating.

Hannie Brithén

Even if they’re fiction, someone experienced this in their mind, they
created it from scratch and that fascinates me. To be able to come up
with things from thin air or inspired by something they’ve seen or
heard and then put it down on paper to share with the rest of the world.

As songwriters often write about their lives experiences and many
albums that are released are a sort of journal or diary from that period
of their life – I believe that you could say the same about some writers.

They have created a story from what they are thinking about that very
moment. The characters that are molded by their opinions and standards
and how they can manage to make readers fall for them is mind-blowing.

Reading or listening to music changes your mindset. It puts your way
of living in a whole new perspective. If you’re reading a very sad book,
you might cry and that’s okay – You should let it out, the same goes for
negative music.

If you decide to read fantasy books, which are what I mostly go for, you can
travel to and live in the world you have always wanted. It’s like you explore
new things that you’ve never heard of. By expanding your mind, giving it new
knowledge about things out of this world, you put things in motion, and you learn.

If you like scientific books, go for it. Sit down and relax, let your brain work.
If you’re into history books or romantic novels, great – read that.

By letting your brain concentrate on one thing, one story or subject, you allow
it to let go of things bothering you. If you just sit with something that you hate,
you’re never going to be able to relax because you might have something
bothering you in the back of your mind.

Go to the gym, for a run or pick up that book, do what works for you and what
makes you forget about the world for a while so that you can really concentrate
and be productive when you want to be.



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