Carpe Diem… ?

-       Think about a typical day for you. We all have different situations
and go through different scenarios each day but this might be something
to think about for you too.

I started to think about something that my sociology teacher said yesterday;

“For those of you who take the train back and forth to school, you might
meet/pass and see more than 10 000 people within only an hour. How
many of those people do you say hi to? How many people do you interact with?

For most of you, it’s most likely not a single person. But I bet that almost
each and every one of you send and/or receive a text message and that text
is probably not even that stimulating, it could be something so simple and
uninteresting as; “I’m on the train – I’m bored..” which is basically just
saying “entertain me”.

So we think that this is ‘easier’ than to interact and search for that
connection with someone sitting right next to you on the train.

As far as I know, we Swedes are most likely to even feel irritation and be
very dissatisfied if someone actually tries to talk to us. Because what we
are doing is “soooo important” (?!). Like listening to music, reading a book,
writing something etc etc.

I understand that if you’re in the moment and you’re caught on some kind
of “inspirational wave” that you just have to scribble it down, you have my
respect and if you have things as homework or a job-related thing to do.
But to turn down a social interaction and mental stimulation to sit in your
own bubble which is safe, doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t demand any
special energy or doing anything with your brain..

Seriously? How many hours/minutes do you spend socializing on your
phone or computer each day instead of actually picking up the phone to
set an appointment for real social interaction?

We separate ourselves from people more and more with each year that
passes by because we stop talking. The challenges, the variety of perspective
and different views on life is something that we miss out on if we don’t make
sure to create these connections on a deeper level.

Most things nowadays are shallow and we can’t seem to get truly personal.
How many people out there hide behind their phones or computer and
connect with people over social medias to get attention, love and maybe
even sex? What ever happened to meeting someone and feel as if you‘re
caught in a whirlwind of new emotions and the feeling of interest,
curiosity and respect towards someone?

A great example of this is texting vs real life conversations. For someone to
be super forward, social and talkative while sitting behind a screen and then
be as shy and quiet as a mouse when you meet in real life is not something
that’s uncommon in today’s society.

I think that most shy people wouldn’t be as shy if they actually had to go out
and interact, step out of their comfort-zone and realize that people can like
them for who they are, not for someone they portrait themselves to be.

Take sexting as an example, this happens all over the world and in many
of these situations – people are Not who they are pretending to be. A picture
of someone’s body is not always what it looks like in real life. A picture can
be extremely deceiving with the right light, angle, flexing of muscles etc.
And an explanation of what someone would “like to do to you” might as
well also be very different from how it would play out in real life.

We put irrelevant expectations upon ourselves and the other person by
revealing things that should really only be shown and explored together,
physically in action with one another. Do yourself a favor and don’t give
it All away. At least be a little more teasing than revealing, but if you want
to go all in, go all in. Each to their own, this is just my opinion and I can’t
nor shall judge someone else, this is only what I feel.

In my opinion, what makes life worth living are the relationships that you
build and the love and affection you give and receive. Don’t hide and alienate
yourself from society. Create connections. Get to know new people or make
sure that you really know your best friend. Ask questions, be interested, get
involved in helping others and do the things that challenge you the most
which puts you outside of your comfort-zone.

You won’t, as so many people like to call it, “find yourself” by sitting alone.
You get to know yourself by learning how you react to things, relationships,
other people and experiences. Explore the people you have around you, explore yourself.




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