Updates – Ultimate Focus Challenge

Even though I’m only on the final days of my third week and have a long way to go* I am feeling better than I have in a long time! I feel so pleased with the progress I can see in my mirror and I love the focus my supplements are giving me.

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Ultimate Focus Challenge week #2

This past week has been great! Started out with being focused and on track with my supplements and delicious food. I fall asleep every night and wake up every morning with the same excitement over my breakfast just because it’s so good!

It’s not just that I enjoy the food, it’s the fact that my [...]Continue reading

My first week of my Ultimate Focus Challenge

After my first week of my Ultimate Focus Challenge, I thought that I would do a brief summary of how it went:

It has actually been really easy mentally, I haven’t had any cravings and yesterday I was at a birthday ”fika” (get-together for my brothers birthday where they served all different cookies, buns, [...]Continue reading

About setting goals

source; tumblr

While going in a new direction to accomplish something you’ve never done before, the goal setting is the main thing to start out with.

Find what makes you motivated;

Maybe it’s by making a ‘Dreamboard’ Finding a canvas and print pictures of where you want to be or what you want to [...]Continue reading

Ultimate Focus Challenge – Day #1

If you follow me on Instagram or came to my website through it, you already know that I’m about to start a new challenge for myself today.

This challenge include certain supplements, a lot of water and a food-plan.

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Health awareness

Do you know how healthy or sick your body really is? I had no idea.

We have pretty much always been aware of what we eat here in Sweden and as a country; I don’t think that we’ve had a lot of problems with obesity. It’s a fragile thing to discuss though..

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Habits make or break your future

If you’ve decided on something and you’ve set goals to be able to achieve the things you want in the future, there are things that needs to be done too. The feeling of wanting something will never be enough if you don’t take action.

Without action – there will never be any results.

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Have a healthy mind

Do you ever make sure that you get a couple of hours every week where you can just relax? And by relax I don’t mean being on social medias, just laying around.. I mean – Do you truly invest time in your mental health?

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Sick of yoyo dieting instead of a real solution?

Are you tired of all of the diets out there that only make you gain more fat in the end? Well, this might be the solution for you. My mother has written an informative post about this 90-day weight management and body shaping system. This weight management program helps you in the process of changing [...]Continue reading

What are the facts about Mineral Oil?

I didn´t know that I was putting so much mineral oil on me as I did and I certainly didn’t know what it was called on the labels. Read this post to find out the several different names for it so you know what to look for when you by personal care products. Mineral [...]Continue reading