Oh wow… There you go people. 3rd graders are often smarter than we are. Make sure to water your ”plants” every single day. And support one another. Love. Watch this youtube video:

The Meaning of Life, explained by 3rd graders [...]Continue reading

Seeing it everywhere

Have you ever heard someone say something like: ”Now that I’ve decided to buy a Volvo, I see Volvos everywhere!”

That’s how it’s been for me for the past couple of days and especially these few hours that has passed since I came to Sweden earlier today.

All weekend, I hung out with the most [...]Continue reading


It’s what we always talk about. How it flies by, when we don’t have it, what we do with it and how things change along with it.

It’s already November, fall has come and winter is slowly approaching with the cooler degrees, fluffier sweaters and lit candles. Spring came and went, summer definitely left a [...]Continue reading

The mind is an extraordinary thing.

Where do you look to find inspiration? I haven’t found any in a while when it comes to writing posts for the public eye. The words that I’ve scribbled down these past couple of weeks, months, are in notebooks all over my room. My brain has been like a blank canvas with abstract art, colors [...]Continue reading


I know that I haven’t written anything in a while and in many ways, I find that wonderful. That’s just because I’ve done so much writing for myself these past couple of weeks and I’m so glad that I’ve found that inspiration again, the one that makes my pen flow over the paper, putting [...]Continue reading

5/2 – We, You and I

We were taught in class that we don’t have an identity when we are born. This is something that we develop through playing with others and the social interactions we have during our life.

Think about the last time you hung out with one of your friends or when you met a new person and [...]Continue reading

First Measurements – Ultimate Focus Challenge

The first thing I did this morning was measuring and weighing myself to see what these past 14 days have done to my body and here are my results in cm/inches + kg/lbs (Inches and lbs are not completely accurate but close)

Arms; Right; -1,5 cm/-0,6 inches Left; -2 cm /-0,8 inches

Chest; +2 cm/+0,8 [...]Continue reading

How are you eating your food?

I’m following this page on Facebook called ”Leader’s Fitness” which a guy named Paul Gabriel Mihalescu has created linked to his website/blog. I find his posts both hilarious and informative. He writes a lot about myths and nutrition mixed with his and others different views on fitness.

Today while scrolling through his blogposts, I stumbled [...]Continue reading


Do you know what you’re eating?

Who would ever think that the products that are bought by millions of people everyday are actually harming our health? How vicious is it for the producers to put ingredients in our food that has been artificially made and makes our bodies confused?

If you take a minute on each product you’re about to buy [...]Continue reading