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My Instagram is filled with many selfies, pictures and videos from school where we dance, sing and act PLUS inspirational quotes and other things to brighten your day. Hope that you have a good one! Hannie Brithén


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Updates – Ultimate Focus Challenge

Even though I’m only on the final days of my third week and have a long way to go* I am feeling better than I have in a long time! I feel so pleased with the progress I can see in my mirror and I love the focus my supplements are giving me.

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My first week of my Ultimate Focus Challenge

After my first week of my Ultimate Focus Challenge, I thought that I would do a brief summary of how it went:

It has actually been really easy mentally, I haven’t had any cravings and yesterday I was at a birthday ”fika” (get-together for my brothers birthday where they served all different cookies, buns, [...]Continue reading

About setting goals

source; tumblr

While going in a new direction to accomplish something you’ve never done before, the goal setting is the main thing to start out with.

Find what makes you motivated;

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Ultimate Focus Challenge – Day #1

If you follow me on Instagram or came to my website through it, you already know that I’m about to start a new challenge for myself today.

This challenge include certain supplements, a lot of water and a food-plan.

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How are you eating your food?

I’m following this page on Facebook called ”Leader’s Fitness” which a guy named Paul Gabriel Mihalescu has created linked to his website/blog. I find his posts both hilarious and informative. He writes a lot about myths and nutrition mixed with his and others different views on fitness.

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”Can’t wait to go to the gym tomorrow. In between meetings and my nephews baptism – I’m going to dress up, show up and never give up. You set your own limitations. I MAKE time. Keep a calendar and write your things down and you’ll see how much time you will find that you [...]Continue reading

Habits make or break your future

If you’ve decided on something and you’ve set goals to be able to achieve the things you want in the future, there are things that needs to be done too. The feeling of wanting something will never be enough if you don’t take action.

Without action – there will never be any results.

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Never give up!

Whenever you feel like nothing goes your way, whenever you feel down and you don’t know where to start. When the world feels dark and boring. What do you do?

Think of all of the things that motivates you, why do you want something to change? Why do you need a change in your life?

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Lately on Instagram

1. Find something that you know will make a difference in your life. Plan, educate yourself and always keep going!

2. Started the day off with a workout filled with squats, lunges etc. Ended the workout with a long stretch session and a headstand. My body is definitely going to hurt tomorrow.. [...]Continue reading