Do NOT let anyone stand in your way.

I know people who has been broke and decided to call it ”temporarily poor”
–they made up their mind that this was a state that their family would be
in t-e-m-p-o-r-a-r-i-l-y. Why would you ever stop fighting and working
towards your goal? Because someone doesn’t believe in you? I would take
that as inspiration, that I would want to show them how wrong they were.

There are so many people around you that has dreams they don’t know how
to fulfill. They’ve had people or parents that has told them that they will never
be anything or they can’t do what they want because it doesn’t involve a traditional
job that takes an education at a university. You “have” to have all of these skills
from school to be able to work at a job that the society sees as okay.

In Sweden, it’s almost frowned upon when it comes to working with something
that you truly love and if you haven’t gotten an education for it, people tend to
get jealous and that is portrait in the only way they know – doubt.

It’s not uncommon for people to put you down, telling you that;
“It’s really hard to make it in that business”
“Are you sure that what you’re doing is enough?” or one of my favorites;
“But what about your paycheck, who pays that? And how do you know for sure
that you will be successful and that the time you put into this will be worth it?

My friend Alice usually says this about us Swedes:
“Vi är trygghetsnarkomaner, vi är vana vid att ha en chef som säger åt oss vad vi ska
göra och att veta att vi alltid har våra 16-25 tusen svenska kronor i slutet av månaden.”

“We are securityjunkies, we are so used to having a boss, telling us what to do
and to know that we always have our 2-3 thousand dollars a month.”

That’s why it’s so hard for some people to think outside the box. They don’t understand
that they can make decisions on their own and do things that only they decide why,
when, with who and where.

Our world is always evolving and growing into new habits, societies and new government
issues, but the advice parents give to their kids nowadays are the same as they got  20-40
years ago. Their parents wanted them to go to school, get a good education that will lead
to a good job. Security, security, security.

But where’s the fun in that? If you don’t risk anything, you won’t achieve big things.
It’s like invesment issues, big risk – a chance of a great outcome while a low risk gives
you a chance of a low outcome. Do you want your life to look the same year after year
for 40 years? Because that might be how long you stay behind that desk or on that phone.

If you love to be creative, do that, if you love to be social, work with people.
If you want to make a difference, go ahead and do as much as you can.
Don’t limit yourself to what other people try to put inside of your head.
Be you and do you, if they love you – they will believe in you and give you
the support that you need.




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