Do you know what you’re eating?

Who would ever think that the products that are bought by
millions of people everyday are actually harming our health?
How vicious is it for the producers to put ingredients in our
food that has been artificially made and makes our bodies confused?

If you take a minute on each product you’re about to buy in the
supermarket and actually look at the nutrition facts and ingredient
list, you would find yourself utterly speechless. There are several
ingredients that we can’t even pronounce, things that are chemical,
artificial, preservatives.

How good is it for our bodies to try to break these things down?
How odd is it really that more and more people have allergies,
stomachaches and headaches and get diagnosed with different
serious health conditions?

This is something that we are not only doing to ourselves,
but to our kids as well.

The Swedish “Diet-doctor” writes about a diet called LCHF
– Low Carb High Fat. He brings up the fact that health problems
have been skyrocketing since the fat-scare was brought up and
created in the 80’s and how many different diseases that have
been damaging people since.

At ABC Health and Wellbeing,Professor Kering O’Dea talks
about the low-fat products and how them being low- or non-fat
doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re healthier because of the high
amounts of added salt or sugar. They might even have a higher amount
of calories in them.

So why do they add sugar and salt? It’s because they have to make
up for the loss of taste or texture when the fat is removed or reduced.
She even says that you might make a better choice by eating a whole
tub of regular full-fat yoghurt than a tub of low-fat variety.

Professor O’Dea also brings up the fact that we get used to the artificial
sweeteners and our brains expect a certain flavor and sweetness to our
foods, which makes us addicted.

She makes some very good points and the Diet-Doctors philosophy
about nutrition and fats in our food is something that fascinates me
much more so there will definitely be more posts about that further on.




The Diet doctors website – Click here
Kostdoktorns hemsida – Klicka här

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