Education about being happy and healthy.

After I watched this video of this 13 year old boy, I was stunned…
He said all of those things that most people are too afraid of even thinking.

He brings up the important part of doing what you love and how much of
an impact that can have on how much you learn.

I thought it was pretty funny when he brought up the question that we
all get; ”What do you want to be when you grow up?” I don’t know about
you, but for me, I’ve never really known how to answer that question.

When I was younger, I knew what I liked to do, but I never understood
how I could make a living out of it. I couldn’t see how many opportunities
there were out there.

Going to the traditional schools, we sit in classrooms, just to hear someone
speak about a subject or a person that is ”important”. The real question is
how much of the information that we get from 1st to 12 class that we are
really going to use. Our brains get flooded by so many different things
during ONE day that it’s crazy!

Just like Logan LaPlante, this intriguing boy says;

”I realized that, once you’re motivated to learn something, you can get
a lot done in a short amount of time – and on your own.”

Logan’s mother watched Sir Ken Robinson in 2006 as he gave the most
popular TED talk of all time; “Schools kill creativity”

At that time, Logan was 9 and his good friend’s mother started a school
called ‘The Squaw Valley Kid Institute’. This is where he found that he
loved to write, because he could write about his experiences and interests.

”Much of education is oriented, for better or worse,
towards making a living – rather than making a life.”
- Logan LaPlante, quoting Dr Roger Walsh

He studied that practice of being happy and healthy
and narrowed it down to these eight things;

  • Exercise
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Time in nature
  • Contribution & Service to others
  • Relationships
  • Recreation
  • Relaxation & Stress Management
  • Religious &/or Spiritual

He found these through Dr. Walsh which he likes to call;
”Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes”.

How much time do you put into these things in your life today?

Logan also talks about Hackers, and having a Hacker mindset.
To him, a hacker is all about creativity and inventions.

”Hackers are innovators, people who challenge and
change the systems to make them work differently,
to make them work better.

It’s just how they think – it’s a mindset. I’m growing up
in a world that needs more people with a hacker mindset”

They learn about science by making mistakes and experimenting.
They have different projects where they learn how to handle their
fears and communication.

The way they learn about historical people are amazing! They get to
BE that person, then stand on a stage and answer all kinds of questions
as they Are that person. And that is how they learn about history..
How cool is that?!

They also go into nature and learn how to survive with just a knife
and how they should build shelters to survive.

If I would’ve been in a forest with just a knife, I don’t know how long
I would survive, haha. I have no education at all when it comes to those
type of things. And I wish I did.

I wish that schools taught us how to survive, how to deal with the many
phases we all go through in life and why we even go through things in
different parts of our lives.

Growing and becoming a teenager, I mean, how many of us really
understood what was going on? We knew that we were going to change,
but why? Hormones, what do they really do to us? The times you got
depressed during your teenage years, might’ve had a good explanation,
but did you ever get one?

We learn about science by reading books to memorize, take a test and then
forget about it after a couple of days.

We learn about society, but not really how we can make a difference.
They teach us how it works so that we can follow the stream and just stand
in line to be like everyone else. We don’t learn about economics and how
the banks works with interests and buying a house etc.

I would love to go back to when I was 9 to be able to go to a school that
taught me more about those eight things;

How and why we should exercise while having fun. Learn about nutrition
and why it’s so important for us in the long run. Spend time in nature to really
understand what is out there and just that, how to survive there too. Helping
others is something that I’ve always been fond of teaching myself.

I was bullied in school and I was determined to keep other people from being
bullied because I knew how it felt. But we need more about this.
The people who bully others have to understand what an impact their actions
can have for someone, not just in that very moment but what they’re doing to
that persons life.

Relationships are so important and to have healthy ones are a big part of who
you will end up being when you grow up.

Recreation, relaxation, stress management, spiritual knowledge.
I hope you know how important these things are.

Without relaxation and stress management, you brain and body can’t function
properly and by searching for more knowledge about yourself, other people and
the world we live in together, we can be a more sustainable
society with more understanding towards one another.

Watch the video, you wont regret it.

And this is the video that made his mother change her mind about
the ordinary school system;

After watching this video I didn’t know what to focus my thoughts
on.. There are so many things that I would like to change when it
comes to my previous education and this video has given me a
chance to reevaluate what things I want to learn next.

I hope that there are many schools out there for my future kids
when they are going to start their education because all I want is
for them to go their own way and be creative. It can be with dancing,
singing, painting or math if that’s what they’re made for.

Guard your creativity with your life.

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