Find what works for you

I’ve always been active in different ways, either with basketball, soccer, ice-hockey,
gymnastics, dancing etc. etc. But I’ve never fully enjoyed either of them as much as
I do with weightlifting and working hard at the gym. Feeling the shaking muscles,
followed by being weak for a while and then when you feel how sore you are becoming,
it’s such a victory. Like I posted on IG yesterday (I know, I’m addicted to that app..)

”You know you’ve had a good workout when it’s hard to even drive home.
I literally laughed because my arms were shaking while washing my hair emoji

So find some kind of exercise that works for you and make sure to do it a couple of times
a week to boost your body and also look the best you can. I made it my passion and I
am literally depressed if I can’t work out. When I couldn’t go to the gym for several weeks,
I felt like something was missing. But I’ve had some rough workouts the past two days and
my whole body hurt this morning by just wanting to turn off my alarm clock.

I’d say; that’s a good sign!


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