First Measurements – Ultimate Focus Challenge

The first thing I did this morning was measuring and weighing
myself to see what these past 14 days have done to my body and
here are my results in cm/inches + kg/lbs
(Inches and lbs are not completely accurate but close)

Right; -1,5 cm/-0,6 inches
Left; -2 cm /-0,8 inches

Chest; +2 cm/+0,8 (don’t know what happened there)
Under chest; -7,5/-3 inches

Waist; -1,5 cm/-0,6 inches

Below bellybutton; -3 cm/-1,2 inches
Hipbones; -3,5 cm/-1,4 inches

Butt; -1,5 cm/-0,6 inches (Have to get back to the gym! SQUAT!)

Right; -2,5 cm/-1 inch
Left; -1 cm/0,4 inches
- They were uneven and now they’re not, balance!

Right; -0,5 cm/-0,2 inches
Left; -1 cm/-0,4 inches

Weight; – 2,3 kg/-5 lbs

source; tumblr

source; tumblr

So yes, you can definitely tell that some things have changed!
The supplements that I’m using combined with my nutritional plan
does miracles and I can’t wait to get back to my normal workout-routine
with dancing and weights! Hoping that my results will continue to show
every 14 days when I measure and weigh myself and only time will tell how
I’ll look after the challenge is over. Can you imagine my excitement?!

If you’ve read my older posts you know that I had problems gaining weight
but I was ”skinny fat” – seeing bones, having a little bit of fat and not looking fit!
And after my exchange year in the US I’ve been working towards a strong and
healthy body that I feel comfortable in and no matter what I’ve done, my
measurements haven’t budged and my weight actually went UP.

So seeing results like these and looking in the mirror feeling really good about
what I see is an amazing feeling and despite my lack of sleep tonight (I was nervous
about my first day at my new class at school and wanted to be prepared food-wise and
with information, pen and paper and so on) which left me with about 5 hours of sleep,
I had an extreme amount of energy and I jumped and danced around to music while
putting on makeup after I saw my results. I can’t describe how good I have felt all day!

Are you not getting the results you want and you want to change your habits but you
don’t know how? Send me an email and maybe I can give you some tips.

Have a great week!


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