Habits make or break your future

If you’ve decided on something and you’ve set goals to
be able to achieve the things you want in the future, there
are things that needs to be done too. The feeling of wanting
something will never  be enough if you don’t take action.

Without action – there will never be any results.

source; tumblr.com

source; tumblr.com

To get closer and closer to certain goals, changes need to
be done in your everyday-life and you need to realize which
habits that should stay and which ones should be eliminated.

It has been said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit.
So if you start to throw your clothes on the floor and you do
it each and every day, it’ll be pretty hard to break that habit.

Write down the things you want to be better at and recognize
what you need to do to reach your full potential. Make sure
to hang or fold your clothes if you no longer need them, wash
when needed etc – just as an example.

I’ve shaped my life the way I need to be able to get the results
I want. I have goals of a healthy and flexible body, and that’s
where my workouts, dancing and yoga plays a huge part!

source; tumblr.com

source; tumblr.com

Why I want to be flexible is to be more advanced within my
yoga exercises and it also helps me to be a better dancer.
How to reach a goal of more flexibility? Consistency.

Stretch, every time you’ve had a work out or been out walking
or running etc – STRETCH! Your body has to adapt and it won’t
be done in a week. It takes the habit of doing something for a
while that will set things in motion.

Having a healthy and fit body takes a lot of dedication both
at the gym, at my dance classes and at home. Everything in your
life plays a part of your health. The choices you make when
traveling, walking, taking your bike – what kind of workout
you decide to focus on and why and one of the most important
parts; the food. Make the kitchen your sanctuary!

Come up with a way of living where  you can live, eat and exercise
to make you the best person you can be. I love food and I love
the way I eat right now, it works really well for me but it doesn’t
necessarily fit someone else. Everyone has different goals that
they want to reach, so see what works for you.

If you want to have a successful business – you have to work for it.
You can’t just sit on the couch and expect the fortune to come to you,
you have to earn it. So plan your days, set goals and make sure to
follow them and see how your results starts to take form.

What goals have you set for yourself over the next 90 days?
3 years?
5 years?
And even 10 years?

Where do you see yourself, How do you see yourself?
Figure it out and make a plan.


”When you look in the mirror and see no change and still
keep faith – knowing that in time you will get there if you
stay focused and on track, that’s the difference between
those who succeed and those who fail.”

8 Habits You Can Adapt to Be Successful at Everything
1. Have Passion
2. Work Hard
3. Be Good at What You Do
4. Stay Focused
5. Push Yourself
6. Serve Others
7. Putting Your Ideas into Action
8. Persistence

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