Have a healthy mind

Do you ever make sure that you get a couple of hours every week where
you can just relax? And by relax I don’t mean being on social medias,
just laying around.. I mean – Do you truly invest time in your mental health?

When people hear the word ‘health’ and ‘taking care of yourself’ – they tend to only
link that to working out, your physcial health. But by making sure that your  mental
health is good, your body automatically also feels good. The brain controls so much
inside of us, hormones, moods, etc etc. And for the body to get endorphins and feel
relaxation, we have to work on our head as well.

Yesterday I did some yoga and decided to try a headstand because I’ve seen pictures of
people doing it and it seemed like a good challenge. I didn’t stop to think, I never allowed
myself to hear the words ‘you can’t do it’. I decided to look it up on Youtube and I tried it.
I even filmed it to see if it looked right and I thought that I’d share it with you.

The excitement I felt after I had done it was incredible! And I’ve set a goal to make sure that
I stand on my head at least three times a week, and every day if I can. It takes your mind off
of everything else and all you can focus on is your body. You’re shaking, keeping the balance,
trying new things with your legs and seeing if you can hold the position. I loved it!

Yoga for me, is important for my dance classes as well since it has a lot to do with flexibility.
So even if I have a cold and I can’t dance, I can always do my stretches and make sure that I’m
loose and good for next class so I don’t hurt myself – since I tend to do everything as hard as possible.

Take care of yourself.

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