Health awareness

Do you know how healthy or sick your body really is?
I had no idea.

We have pretty much always been aware of what we eat
here in Sweden and as a country; I don’t think that we’ve
had a lot of problems with obesity. It’s a fragile thing to
discuss though..

In Sweden today we have huge trends when it comes to health,
working out, eating right or trying to do both things right now.
People are reading and becoming even more aware of what they
should or shouldn’t eat.



Let me tell you a story about me:
When I was younger, I couldn’t gain weight, I even look weird
in some photos because I was so skinny. Then I became a teenager,
I still didn’t gain any weight but I got some curves on my hips, thighs
and stomach. Going from being super skinny to being skinny with
fat is definitely not attractive and it made me feel huge. It’s so sad,
because around that time, I weighed about 108 lbs/49 kg – being
almost 5’8/172, you think I was fat? Most definitely not.

When I was going to be in America for a year, I had grown an inch
and gone up to 123 lbs/56 kg which was a healthier weight but I still
look odd in pictures where you can see my ribs, my hipbones etc even
if I had a little fat since I didn’t have very much muscle mass.

In America, I gained 30 lbs/14 kg..
Being skinny-fat as I was and gaining that much weight was awful.
I didn’t even take pictures of anything because I didn’t want to see
myself. I never stopped thinking about my health and I was furious
because of the fact that nothing helped. Therefore, I sadly don’t have
that many pictures from my exchange student year.

I have a terrible memory so pictures help me remember certain
moments and things that I’ve done, but most of those moments
are things that I can’t remember because I don’t have a photo of it.

I still weigh about the same as when I came home to Sweden but I
have transformed a lot of the fat that I gained into muscle mass.
Just by judging the measurements – my butt grew 3 inches while
being gone. Sprinting, lifting, lunges etc did magic to my behind
and no wonder I gained weight!



Now, I’m about 5’9 and because of society and other girls weighing
very little, my brain has always had the focus on losing those pounds
that I gained. I had the idea that I needed to be light to be able to feel
girly and less of a man. This is also because a lot of guys weigh the
same as me and that freaks me out! And also shows how much more
muscles weigh compared to fat.

If you would’ve taken those 10 cm/ 4 inches that I have gained around
my butt since that summer 2011, I would probably lose a lot of weight.
But hey, I like those curves so I would never want to lose them!



Mom and I went to do a whole body scan yesterday just out of curiosity
to see how much of our bodies was fat, muscles, water etc – and the
results where so interesting! I’m never going to look at those numbers
on the scale the same way ever again.

In my mind, I thought that I had to lose almost 15 kg/30+ lbs to be
”small” and at a ”healthy” weight again. I was so wrong..

Apparently, I’ve gained so much muscles and to be at an ideal weight,
I should only lose 2 kgs/ 4,5 lbs in pure fat because the rest of my body
is mostly muscle mass. This discovery changed my whole perspective
while looking in the mirror. I’ve been blind to how much my body has
changed during these years and I’ve been obsessed with why I’m not
losing the weight. I never knew my body fat percentage, I just
assumed that mine was very high.


”Just because you lift and get stronger doesn’t mean that you will look
”bulky”. It’s all in your diet. Today’s workout felt amazing!”
- My Instagram 23rd of october 2013

Now, I could care less. I’ve always known that what I had to lose was
fat, I just thought that I had way more kgs/lbs to get rid of. Now when
I look at my body, I can’t believe how far I’ve actually come.

My body is strong, full of muscles and I can’t wait until I get that tiny
weight off to see how the results will be! I’ve changed some small
things in my nutritional plan and some small things to add to my
workouts. Since I have a lot of muscle mass, my BMR – Basal
Metabolic Rate is higher than most others at my weight which is
great! More food for me ;)

Everything is about sculpting your body, not breaking it down.

Girls – don’t be afraid of lifting weights, or gaining weight. As long
as you’re gaining healthy muscle weight, there’s nothing to be afraid
of. Even if my measurements have gone up on most places, I’m not
freaking out. And while your exercise is extremely important for you
to age better – your diet is what brings out the abs.

Read, be aware of what you eat and why. If you really know Why
you’re eating the way you do, it’s also easier to stay to your plan and
continue towards your goal. Go get a body-scan if it helps, it sure
did help me.



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