How are you eating your food?

I’m following this page on Facebook called ”Leader’s Fitness”
which a guy named Paul Gabriel Mihalescu has created linked to
his website/blog. I find his posts both hilarious and informative.
He writes a lot about myths and nutrition mixed with his and
others different views on fitness.

Today while scrolling through his blogposts, I stumbled upon one
where Daniel Wallen had guest-starred on the website with his
philosophies regarding food and why a lot of people don’t lose those
lbs/kgs that they’ve been struggling with.

The blogpost was named “What you eat is only half of the battle.
How are you eating it?” and can be found -> here

He connects what most people left out, the bond between your mouth,
stomach and Brain. He writes about something he calls the “fight-or-flight”
response where your digestive system shuts down to be able to make your
body prepared to survive in critical situations. What happens is your
body is increasing your heart rate and blood pressure and your blood-flow
redirects to your head instead of your stomach and thereby, your
metabolism suffers.



And it doesn’t stop there; your body is incapable to know the difference
between a life-threatening situation and just hurrying to meet a deadline.
All kinds of stress are horrible for your body and this is pretty hardcore.
Think about your past couple of days and try to remember how many times
you’ve been stressed, over the most irrelevant things.

I thought this post was brilliant. We rarely stop to reflect on how stress
affects us because then we get stressed out because we’re not “being productive”.
Create habits of planning your day and have basic solutions to problems that
may occur and you will be able to relax more and be even more productive.

But what he is stating here is the fact that we are unable to shed fat if we are
stressing about our food, which so many of us do. I love how he puts this;


Interesting fact: the French consume a significantly higher amount of fat
than Americans. They also drink quite a lot of wine and aren’t known to
exercise very much.

So Americans eat less fat, drink less alcohol, and exercise more. Based on
this, who would you assume is healthier — a typical Frenchman or American?

If you went with Team America, you are so very wrong. The French are
spanking the Americans. France’s rates of heart disease and blood
cholesterol are significantly lower than those in America. Only 8% of
French citizens are overweight in comparison to around 50% of Americans.
Puzzling, eh?




Different cultures have different habits when it comes to eating and if
you recognize what he is writing about – Change yours.

Make sure that you take time to eat so that your brain can keep up.
Don’t stress about the time and about what you’re eating.
If you want a cheat-meal, enjoy it!

Check out Paul’s website and his other posts, I can promise that you’ll
laugh and gain more knowledge about fitness and nutrition.



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