Never give up!

Whenever you feel like nothing goes your way, whenever you feel
down and you don’t know where to start. When the world feels
dark and boring. What do you do?

Think of all of the things that motivates you, why do you want
something to change? Why do you need a change in your life?

If you’re following me on Instagram, you can see that I overdosed
on coffee this afternoon during my meetings so I had to waste some
energy and went out for a power walk. This walk quickly turned into
running and doing sprints. It felt amazing and I noticed that I ran with a
smile on my face. Whenever someone passed me on a bike or something,
I said ”Hi!” and had the biggest smile ever, I was just so happy!

I was out for a while, ran down to the beach and watched the waves
while walking around there before I started to run back home again.
You should know that I don’t usually run, I only lift weights and dance.

I did track in high school when I was in the US but that’s it.
Except for the running I did while playing soccer or basketball when I
was younger, I haven’t been out running since. It gives you such an
amazing feeling, content and power. It also gives your brain time to
”breathe”. I didn’t think about anything else except for my breathing and
not stopping even if my body wanted me to, I kept going.
It takes determination, motivation and consistency, just do it!

Like the tattoo on my foot;
”Always keep going”



Well, I’m off to my dance class, don’t want to be late!
Have a great one everybody, find your motivation and
do the changes that are necessary to reach your goals!

never give up


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