I saw this quote today that made me think;



This made sense to me in so many ways and I started to think about different
scenarios that I’ve been in this past year. When Mom and I had been on a
business-trip to Barcelona this spring, our flight was delayed so we didn’t
think that we would make it to our connecting flight. We ran through the
whole airport in under two minutes so luckily, we made it. But when we
arrived in Copenhagen and went to the luggage claim, we didn’t know what
to expect. ”Could they have been that fast that our bags also made it on the plane?”

So we stood there and we wanted to catch a train that was leaving in a few minutes
and I decided to make the assumption that we weren’t going to get our luggage.
So we stood there, laughing about it – because why should we be grumpy about
something that we couldn’t influence?

If they were stuck in Switzerland/Geneva there was nothing we could do about it
so we were positive and thought that we wouldn’t get our bags, but there they were.
They were among the last bags to come so we grabbed them in surprise and ran
towards the train. We got such a rush and we were filled with good energy since
we didn’t expect anything.

I’ve noticed how I tend to appreciate the rainy days that we get because I have the
luxury of not having to leave the house to work. I can spend my day working, doing
yoga, planning the rest of the week or next month. I can just observe the rain from
my dry safe haven. It also creates a cloud of silence over the city, somehow most things
stand still. If there is any movement, it is either someone running for cover or a car that
drives through a puddle of water. How do you react to the rain?

The elderly, our precious older generation. My grandmother is a saint, she is the kindest
person I know and she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Her therapy for pain in her joints is baking
and cooking and she loves to have the family around. Earlier this week, she went
through knee-surgery and she was up walking the next day. She is such a fighter and I
love her so much for everything that she has ever done for me.

She is my inspiration to a lot of things here in life. When I see older people that can’t
walk up a staircase or reach something at the supermarket, I try to always be there to help.
Because when I see these things, I see my grandmother. If she was in that situation and
needed help, I can only hope that there is a gentle soul out there that would help her when I can’t.

Have patience with these wiser people, because they’ve gone through so many things
and they have knowledge that we would never even dream of having.

I interviewed my grandmother last year for a school-project and I learned so many
things about her that it was unreal. I have never seen her as a teenager, a young woman
or a small child, so hearing her stories just made my respect for her to grow.
Think about how you come across to the elderly and try your best to be kind.

I don’t have a story about tangled Christmas lights but hey, you might have your
own story that goes well with this so I’ll just let you analyze this by yourself.

Are you learning things about yourself?
I am, each and every day.

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