“Powerwalks” – you will be doing yourself a favor

Personally, I have always had some kind of love/hate relationship with powerwalks
or anything that has something to do with running or walking fast. This is because
I was in a lot of pain during the years where I grew the most and that caused the
most pain in my knees while exercising. Therefore, walking and running was two
of my least favorite things to do.

What helped me in the process of getting out of this phase was building muscle mass.
Running and sprinting in track while I was in High School during my exchange year
made my muscles in my legs and in my behind grow more than ever, which helped
with stabilizing my knees. There, I also found the love I have for running outside on
a track. You should know that I love to compete so by running the 4 by 8 (4 people from
each team run 800 meters each) gave me the boost I needed to just go out there and do it.

Today was a day filled with new ideas spinning around in my head. I tried new things
with my nutrition and some new workouts, and as usual, it gave me a huge amount of
energy. Mom and I started with a new project, we tried a new butt workout, and we
went for a powerwalk, which leads me to today’s headline.

Where we live, we are surrounded by trees, birds that are singing, beautiful nature
everywhere, and the ocean is just a few minutes away. We decided to go for a walk
after our workout just because it was such a beautiful day and we’ve been talking a
lot about going outside more from now on. After just a few minutes, we were convinced
that this was one of the best ideas we’ve ever had.

The nature was alive, bunnies were jumping around, and we could hear the birds right
next to us. Then, after a short moment, we had reached the beach. It might be hard to
understand depending on where you live, but after the awful weather we have had in
Sweden the last couple of months and the lack of sun, you would be mesmerized by the
view we had. The sound of the waves coming from the ocean, the smell, the sand, the
sunset, everything was just perfect.


By not thinking, just going, we had a great walk and we filled our minds with new energy and even more positive thinking than ever. Taking walks, even slow ones (but preferably ones that gets your heart pumping) can save your life. Even if you might be alive for another forty years, you might not be living it to the fullest.
Small things as going on powerwalks, trying new things and doing your workouts, will make you feel better in both mind and body.

Going outside, breathing fresh air, being one with the nature, and being thankful and understand how lucky you are to be able to walk in the first place is extremely important. By taking care of yourself, you do yourself, as well as the people around you, a favor.

Because if you feel good, your surroundings will feel it, because you send out a different kind of energy if you do everything to be on top. People will sense the vibrations coming from your smile, your
positive thinking, and your good habits.

Do this for yourself, go out there and walk. You can go alone and go through in your mind what you want to accomplish, or you can take a friend or a family member to vent, to discuss, to laugh and to feed yourself with good energy.

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