Seeing it everywhere

Have you ever heard someone say something like:
”Now that I’ve decided to buy a Volvo, I see Volvos everywhere!”

That’s how it’s been for me for the past couple of days and especially these few hours
that has passed since I came to Sweden earlier today.

All weekend, I hung out with the most inspiring people from different countries, successful
from working hard, without a boss, doing it for their own goals and dreams. They all had
this glow of happiness and at the same time were extremely humble.

Yes, they’ve achieved great things. Been able to do so much for their families and themselves
that they never thought they could before being invited into this business. Each and every one
stood up on that stage, thanking their partners. Those who introduced them to this way of living,
those who helped during their struggles and those who helped expanding their businesses worldwide.

One woman (Swedish) stood up there and showed us how her business looked on the map some
years ago. It existed in two countries. Then the next slide showed that it had spread to probably
more than 40 countries around the globe by now. You can conquer America, Europe, Asia, Africa,
you name it. Set goals and work in teams. TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

So I see happy people everywhere. They make me curious – would they be a good fit
for this business? Would I want to work with them? Do they have the willpower,
are they coachable? It all comes down to them.

Some people can’t see themselves as entrepreneurs, and some people are too afraid of
being outside of their comfort zone. To say no to something that can bring you, time,
money and freedom, makes me sad for those who do.

But not everyone can do it because if it was easy, everyone would.


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