Sick of yoyo dieting instead of a real solution?

Are you tired of all of the diets out there that only make you gain more fat in the end? Well, this might be the solution for you. My mother has written an informative post about this 90-day weight management and body shaping system. This weight management program helps you in the process of changing your lifestyle completely.

During a traditional weight loss plan where you are stuck eating soup, bars, juices or something else like that, you usually immediately gain the weight you had lost when you go back to your old habits. And the thing with losing weight this way is this;

For every 10lbs or 10kg that you lose, 20-40% of that weight is lean muscle mass. And for every lbs or 0,5kg muscle mass that you lose, your metabolism also burns 20-40 kcal less each day. So if you lose 10kgs and 4 of them is muscle mass, your metabolism slows down.

So there’s never really been a mystery to why we gain that weight all over again. It’s because our genes are set to put on as much as possible when they think that the body is in starvation mode – which the body tends to think when losing a lot of weight.

If you weigh 90kg and you lose 20kg, you might’ve just lost 8kgs of muscle mass if you haven’t worked out properly. So if you gain those 20kgs again – it’s mostly fat. So your fat percentage is higher after you’ve gained the weight back compared to your fat percentage before your weight loss.

This 90-day weight management and body shaping system is based on epigenetic science that sets the genes right to only lose muscle. This means that you won’t necessarily lose 20 kgs, but you will lose fat and look amazing. Muscles weigh more than fat but doesn’t take up as much space in your body, so you might weigh a lot more than you think is normal but you might look smaller and better than a person that weighs 10 kgs less because they could have a higher percentage of fat than you and less muscle mass than you.
Since you only lose fat and not your muscles with this program, your body will be sculptured a totally different way. Are you interested in finding out more about this product?


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Go to my mother’s page where she has written about this too – Click here.

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