The mind is an extraordinary thing.

Where do you look to find inspiration? I haven’t found any in a
while when it comes to writing posts for the public eye. The words that
I’ve scribbled down these past couple of weeks, months, are in notebooks
all over my room. My brain has been like a blank canvas with abstract art,
colors being splattered all over the place. I’ve experienced so many new
things, seen the world from several different perspectives and such kind
souls has crossed my path.

This is what life is all about though – living in the moment, not on social
media. To focus on the things that are happening Now and not on things
that are happening across the world was so healthy for me. We tend to get
caught up in this virtual world of pictures and words on a screen without
true emotions and connections.

I always encourage people to dream big and visualize what they want for
themselves in the future for them to be able to aim for those goals and
work hard towards them but it doesn’t mean that you should get stuck
in that world of made up scenarios.

We should make sure that they also happen for us right now.

Lottie and I Spain Show Mom and I Lucas and I Kara and I

In my beliefs, people are the most important thing around and we should
cherish one another and the relationships we get to have with such great
minds. Because we all have one, no one is exactly the same as someone else.

While staring into someones eyes, you might have the same type of
thought but they could also be so very different. Other human being’s
brains interprets things in another way than yours do, we react differently
and we feel differently. That’s why it is such a great lesson, each and every
day where we are in contact with other people.

Long, deep conversations about how we feel about the moonlit night, the
sky filled with stars, and the sand between our toes are discussions that I
think are healthy for us. As well as opinions on society, religion, relationships
and how we treat the world. These things are too often overlooked and forgotten
about since a lot of people think more about the materialistic things than the
people making them, or the people you enjoy these things with.

This quote has been stuck in my brain since I saw it the first time
and I came across it again not too long ago:

“People were created to be loved, things were created to be used.
The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being
loved and people are being used.”

This is also the reason why I work with the things I do, I get to help people.
I get to help them be healthier, more aware, and also help them be financially
independent while doing the same things. I teach to teach and I, myself,
never stop learning either. I want to devote a big part of my life to this and to
do charitywork, travel and learn more about other cultures and religions to
broaden my spectra of how I see things and to be even more open minded.

Respect, curiousity and honesty are all important to drive this world in the right direction.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. You are all important and if you want,
you can work with things that doesn’t just help you, it also helps other people.

If you have any questions can be sent to me through email
and my contact information can be found here on my website.
Have a glorious day everyone, because you deserve it.

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