The reality of our fears

Most of us have dreams and pictures in our heads of things that we
want to see or places we want to be, what is stopping us from reaching
for our highest wish, the most unattainable thing?


What are You afraid of? Ask yourself that question.
The other day, I learned that the Swedes are the most unreligious and
most self-empowering people in the world. But at the same time, there
are very few people that I know that are actually taking their own future
in their hands in a way that secures their future so they know that they
will get what they want.

Why do so many of us settle for being told what to do and work with
something that we despise? It’s comfortable.

As well as eating a greasy hamburger or chocolate every other day;

  • It’s comfortable and we are “satisfied”

At least for that moment when we have the food in our mouth or
when we get our monthly paycheck, right? In that moment, we
are ‘truly happy’. But are we happy when we sit at a desk or being
a cashier, serving people who are anything but nice to you? Are
we happy when we feel exhausted by playing with our kids
or young relatives or simply by walking a few hundred meters?

Is it worth it? Working for someone else or doing something that
has a small chance of ever giving you a positive change? How
many times a week are you out of your comfort zone? How often do
you make decisions based on how you are going to feel or live next
month, and how many times does that decision improve your life?

Have you ever changed your habits to live a happier life? And then
stuck by it for more than a month? It’s extremely self-empowering
when you succeed with something that you’ve been wanting and
longing for for such a long time.

Look at yourself and your life today, would you be happy if you/it looked
the same in 3 years, 5 years and even 10 years? Start living your life the
way you want, not the way someone else decides that you ‘should’ live.

Acknowledge your fears and face them, look them right in the eye and
do this for you, you deserve to be truly and utterly happy.

Take action!

source; tumblr

source; tumblr


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