Thoughts about our future

In this video that I made with Amelie Palsson, one of my great friends
and also colleague, we are discussing the topic of this blogpost where
I also mention the fact that I’ve written what you can read down below.
So watch, listen and read.

Have a great weekend!

The other day I had a meeting with two of my colleagues. We started to
talk about how we want our future to look like. One of the topics that was
brought up which was really close to all our hearts was – kids.

When we get to that age where we want to have kids, we want to be able to
have both the time and energy that is needed. We want to be able to spoil our
kids every once in a while and we want to be able to enjoy the time we have with
them without having to worry about our finances and work.

We want to live and do different things with our kids, even during the weeks.
Not just when the kids have a break from school and we could get a few days off
from work.

I know that a lot of people are in this situation today where their kids are at their
daycare and as soon as you pick them up, you have to make dinner and then they
have to march into bed. That doesn’t sound fun to me.

We are doing things now that are creating a path to the future wewant.

Since most of our friends will be stuck at an office or at another job, we will go on
vacation with our colleagues. Why? Because everyone else will only have about
5 weeks of vacation while we have it whenever we want.

How does your future look?




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