Time Management

There are people that always end up with this sentence after each day:
”Where did the time go?” Without really knowing what they’ve done.

Then there are people that never really find any motivation and all
they do is sit around, waiting for time to pass by.

There’s a third group of people too. The ones that makes sure that
they’re as effective as physically possible for those certain hours
each day. And after those hours, they are more than aware that
they’ve done what they can to reach their goal.

Do you have any idea of what makes this third group so calm
and knowing? I’ll tell you, time management.


If you don’t plan, if your calendar isn’t full with things that are
going to bring you closer to your goal, you will never reach your
dreams. Writing things down, making your valuable time as
effective as possible is the key.

At the moment, my mother is in Ukraine which leaves me with
some responsibilities. I go to a university here in Sweden where
I learn russian four to five times a week. I take care of the house,
my food, laundry, the cars AND I have around seven meetings
each week.

So how do I do it?
If you would’ve seen my calendar, you would probably just laugh.
I write EVERYTHING down. Vacuuming, grocery shopping,
having a cup of coffee or lunch with some friends, time for yoga,
reading, meetings, Skype-meetings and time to sit and write this.

Yes, I write down the time I have to sit and write about writing
things down, are you following?

No matter what, make sure that your week inspires you.
Make time for people that will lift you higher, which will make
your time well spent.

Do you want to know the best part about this?

Working with this connects me to the best colleagues anyone
could ever ask for. My very best, most motivating, fabulous,
amazing and goal-oriented Friends.

And I make new friends and new colleagues all the time.
Right now I’m focusing my time on building my Generation Y
team with people 35 years young and younger. We don’t age
discriminate of course! We want every positive human being
on our team but since people 18-35 have an easier time to
relate to my own dreams and goals, I focus on them.
Meanwhile, my mother is a much better role model and contact
for the wiser, more mature people also called – The Baby boomers
and Generation X.

One thing is for sure though, even if they are 20 or 45, our
group is energetic and growing each week. Our future is so
bright and I can’t wait until each and every one of our
teammates have reached their goal. We are in this together
and we are happy for each and every ones fortune.

We are designing our lives, how about you?

Hannie Brithén


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