Ultimate Focus Challenge week #2

This past week has been great!
Started out with being focused and on track with my supplements
and delicious food. I fall asleep every night and wake up every morning
with the same excitement over my breakfast just because it’s so good!

It’s not just that I enjoy the food, it’s the fact that my skin looks better,
I have more energy and I sleep better too. Even though I haven’t been
able to work out because of my sore throat (more on that later) I can
still see a difference after two weeks which feels great.

Tomorrow it’s time to measure myself again and hopefully the
measurements are a bit different. I’m not expecting to have big results this
fast and without the training but at least I feel better and that’s a huge plus!

I went to the doctor this week and the tests that he got the results on right
there and then looked good but he’ll get back to me this week when he
knows more and if everything looks good, I can get back to my workouts!
But he was really hard on the fact that I have to go easy on myself which
will be hard but I’ll try to not go back with full power the first thing I do, hehe!

Like I’ve mentioned before – what I find the most interesting is that I’m not
craving things. I was at a birthday dinner party yesterday and I was sober
and didn’t have dessert. I was so focused and I chose the best things from the
food buffet, protein, sallad and a small amount of pure carbs, it was delicious
and I was satisfied for the rest of the night. I came home at one in the morning
after driving the girls to the club and I usually have a night-snack because I’m
hungry but I wasn’t so I just went to bed and slept well for a good amount of hours.

I love my sleep and I catch myself saying after lunch how excited I am to sleep
that night. My bed is just too comfortable and I have so much good energy
every time I wake up so I have withdrawals during the day, haha!

I hope that you’ve had a wonderful week and that this one is even better!

source; tumblr

source; tumblr

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