We are all different

source; tumblr.com

source; tumblr.com


While sitting on the train yesterday, I started to think about the different views
we all have. We are all influenced during our childhood and the way we are raised.

I was always surrounded by sports, active lifestyles and people that had big goals
and dreams for them in their sport. I loved how passionate they all were about
ice-hockey and I respected them so much for being able to do what they want.

My father is a perfect example of following your dreams. He is working with
his favorite sport and he is able to change peoples lives through this. He has
inspired so many people through the years, me being one of them.

I want to make a living based on what I’m good at and what I enjoy doing, so
this business is perfect for me because I love meeting new people, make connections,
be social and always grow as a person.I feel that I’ve found my calling and this
is what also makes me so happy while doing this.

The train I was on to travel home from school departed at the time where most
people are coming home from work so it was really crowded and all of the seats
were taken, luckily I got one. So by sitting there, among strangers, I started to think
about how different we all are and how interesting that is. I didn’t know a single one
of them and I might not ever run into them again, how weird is that?

I also started to think about who I found the most captivating (yes, I do that. I know
that I’m creepy..) It usually comes down to a person that sends out another kind of
energy through their look. It can be based on how they’re dressed, the way they sit,
the expression they have on their face while looking out at the landscape the train
is passing or a book they are reading. We are all so individually interesting and
unique, I hope that whoever is reading this can appreciate that within themselves.
We should embrace the fact that we don’t follow everybody else but that we have
our own views and ways of doing things because that’s what make you You.

Overall, I can find myself analyzing people that express so much emotions through
their face but are probably not even aware of it. I think about how their life is, and
how much we don’t know about our fellow human beings. That’s why it’s so important
to not judge those that you know nothing about. We all react to things differently and
you never know what the other person is thinking, not even if you have an open
discussion and communicate because all of us has things that we are too scared to say.

Take the time to smile at strangers, it might change their day.

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